Custom Curved Wood Spiral Stair Railings

Wreathed Hand Rail Parts, Twists, Fittings and Crooks - Tangent Handrailing Specialist 

Custom Continuous Curved Wood Handrail Solutions
for the Stair Building Trade
Architects Designers Contractors Building Owners

Oversize Custom Rising Wood Volutes
for Monumental Staircases
Historical Reproductions and Restorations
Custom Wood Hand Rail and Fittings for Monumental Stairs

Multi-floor Continuous Solid Wood Curved Handrail
Custom Designed - Fabricated - Installed
On Site Consulting and Design Services

Curved Metal Balustrades Replaced With Custom Designed and Fabricated Wood Balustrade


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          Design, Fabrication and Installation of Complex Curved and Spiral 

                      Solid Wood Hand Railings for the Stair Building Trade 
                       Contractors Architects Designers Building Owners                                                                            Residential and Commercial

                      Custom Rising Volutes - Custom Curved and Spiral Handrail and Fittings - Full Curved Balustrades 
                             Wood Handrail on Metal - 
Custom curved solid wood handrail for spiral staircases 
                            Custom curved wood handrail parts and fittings - Curved handrail design services

Wood Handrail on Glass - Multi floor continuous curved stair railings - All woods - All profiles - All sizes

Custom curved wood stairs with solid mahogany treads, solid mahogany custom made stair railing, custom designed and hand turned wood balusters. Designed, built and installed by James R Dean Architectural Stairbuilding and Handrailing Cooperstown, NY. Tangent handrailing specialist.  Professional stairbuilders and curved wood handrail specialists since 1966.
                                                                           Norwood - click for gallery
                      Solid Mahogany Curved Stair Railing and Treads with Hand Turned Balusters
Designed, fabricated and installed by James R Dean

Tick Hall - From the Ashes - A documentary film by Scott Morris with appearances by James R Dean


            Custom Curved Wood Stairs and Custom Curved and Spiral Continuous
                                                   Wood Stair Railings

       Custom Stair Parts Custom Stair Railing Parts Custom Hand Railing Parts

         Curved and Spiral Handrail and Curved Fittings Made to Order for the
                                                      Stair Building Trade


Professional Stair Builders in New York  -  Custom Curved Stairs  -  Elliptical Wood Stairs 
Custom Curved Solid Wood Continuous Handrailings and Stair Railings - Fabrication and Installation

Fabricators of premium quality custom curved wood stairs and custom curved elliptical wood stairs and staircases. Custom built reproductions of historic stairs, Gothic style stairs and hand railings, Colonial style stairs and hand railings, Victorian Style stairs and hand railings and traditional stairs. Curved wood stairs and staircases. Period reproductions of Gothic stair railings, curved wood stair railing fabrication, Colonial stair railings, Victorian stair railings, traditional stair railings, curved wood balustrades, curved solid wood handrail, curved handrail specialists, curved solid wood hand railings and curved balustrades. Builders of custom curved stairs, custom wood circular stairs, interior wood stairs, custom wood circular balustrades, custom wood spiral stairs, custom wood spiral balustrades, monumental stairs, monumental staircases. Custom curved wood handrail cap fabricated for metal balustrades. Curved wood hand rail cap measured and installed on site. Curved solid wood stair railing hand railing manufacturers. Commercial curved wood handrail and stair railing fabrication and installation. Custom solid wood curved and spiral stair railings and fittings. Spiral wood handrail specialists. 

Antique curved wood balustrades repaired, tightened,replaced.

Premium quality, hand carved curved hand rail twists made to order from solid wood. Tangent hand rail specialists. Fabricators of curved handrail, curved hand rail fittings and curved hand rail crooks made to order for architects, designers and the stair building trade. Custom made dropped volutes, descending and ascending volutes. Custom made wood hand rail volutes designed to fit any tread situation. Curved stair repair, curved stair restoration and replacement of period stairs and staircases. Curved hand rail repair, curved stair rail restoration or replacement of period curved hand railings and balustrades.  Custom curved solid wood hand rail and stair rail for spiral and elliptical staircases. Curved stair railing repair.
Curved stair design services. shop drawings. 
National distribution and export of custom made, hand carved, solid wood continuous curved handrail. Curved stairs and curved stair railings and curved hand railings made to order by NY Stair Builders. Townhouse stair and balustrade restorations.

Architectural Stair Building and Hand Railing Cooperstown, New York. Professional New York Stair Builders serving Upstate New York, NY, Manhattan, Brooklyn, NY, Westchester County NY, Dutchess County NY, Bergen County NJ, New York City, NYC, New York State, New York metropolitan area, New York NY, New Jersey NJ, Connecticut CT, Massachusetts MA, Pennsylvania PA, Vermont VT, New Hampshire NH, Maine ME, Rhode Island RI, Ohio OH, West Virginia WV, Virginia VA, Delaware DE, Maryland MD, Michigan MI, Indiana IN, Kentucky KY, North Carolina NC, South Carolina SC, Georgia GA, Florida FL, Tennessee TN, Illinois IL, Wisconsin WI, Georgia GA, Florida FL, Alabama AL, Louisiana LA, Mississippi MS, Arkansas AR, Maryland MD, Iowa IA, Minnesota MN, Texas TX, Oklahoma OK, Kansas KS, Nebraska NE, South Dakota SD, North Dakota ND, Montana MT, Wyoming WY, Colorado CO, Texas TX, New Mexico NM, Arizona AZ, Utah UT, Idaho ID, Washington WA, Oregon OR, Nevada NV, California CA and Canada. 

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